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Springsteen versus Stromae | Nine Star Ki

Bruce Springsteen versus Stromae | Nine Star Ki

Well, they make music?
Yes, and do they! Watching the documentary on Stromae I became fascinated by the man and his performance. I calculated his Nine Star Ki numbers* and was astonished. They were almost the same as my other favorite musician Bruce Springsteen.
Before I start describing their Nine Star Ki, I would like to state that there is so much to say about one person alone, that it is impossible to write all of it in a blog. Here I will highlight some of the fascinating facts I discovered comparing their numbers. I encourage anyone interested in Nine Star Ki to look at these numbers and watch the documentaries! There is so much more to discover.

Bruce Springsteen is called ‘the Boss’. He got the name, being the one handling the money in the early days. His playful nature is omnipresent, while still having a serious touch. What his fans say, is that he is truly engaging in his concerts. I’ve only seen him once, at a concert in Arnhem. We were 500 meters away, but it is true! We were blown away by his presence, charisma and the way he ‘plays the crowd’.
Looking at his Nine Star Ki numbers it is no wonder:
6 – 7 – 4
6, the first number in Nine Star Ki, shows his character: 6_metal represents the fathers, the patriarchs number hence his charisma. He is very clear about what to do, where to go, and has sharp insight. He takes the lead. His second number describes inner nature. 7_metal is about being playful, humor, fun, while still knowing where you are going. Both metal numbers are connected to music and sound. The last number is 4_wood. Wood likes to reach out to the crowd, be social and interact. Wood has ideas, vision, and knows how to use words. He connects with the crowd in a very altruistic way. He invites the crowd to ask for songs, to come on stage, and to really engage in his performance.

The job is to connect and create understanding. A song always fails unless you can find yourself in those characters in some fashion.“ – Bruce Springsteen

Stromea struck me by his sense of self. He is very creative, and also very clear on how he wants his music to sound and what he wants his performance to look like. He is also very playful and not scared to be his true self. He engages the public by being himself, and not a made-up version of a rockstar to look up to. He also has his own clothing line called Mosaert, which he considers a ‘project’. Although it is derived from his music, he does not want the clothing line to be marketing/promotional for his music. He is very particular and perfectionist in the way he works.
His numbers:
6 – 4 – 7
6 the first number in Nine Star Ki, as already explained above, shows his character: 6_metal is the fathers, the patriarchs number hence his natural charisma (“I am a little bit paternalist” he says in the college tour interview) The metal elements both in character and in the way he handles things (7_metal) makes him very clear about what to do, where to go. He has got a sharp insight. His second number says something about his nature: 4_wood. Wood likes to reach out to the crowd, be social, interact. Wood has ideas, vision, knows how to play with words. He wants and needs to grow. To let his ideas and visions out into the world he requires the fire element (being on stage). His “metal” Nine Star Ki numbers will be restrictive to himself though. He prefers to live like a hermit, with outbursts of creativity and growth. In his interview in College Tour, he describes himself as shy. His last number is 7_metal. 7_metal is about being playful, humorous, funny while still knowing where you are going. His stage-performance is truly a performance. He uses humor to bring across his socially engaged music.
From the College Tour interview:

Je stelt jezelf hele moeilijke, hele diepgravende en belangrijke vragen. Maar tegelijkertijd is je muziek heel vrolijk, heel dansbaar. Het lijkt of iedereen staat te dansen op grote problemen en filosofische vragen.
“Het is iets van kwaad met kwaad bestrijden. Het heeft geen zin om de ‘sombere’ kanten van het leven te verbergen. Er is niks erger dan dingen achterhouden die niet gezegd mogen worden. Je moet ze uitspreken.” – Stromae


The cycle – All elements

Bruce 6-7-4

Stromae 6-4-7

5 elementenWhen you know a bit more about Nine Star Ki, you know that everyone lives their life cyclical through all the elements. Where you start in this cycle is important for the way you are living your life. Both Stromae and Bruce Springsteen start their cycle in 7_metal by being playful but serious musicians. But Stromae enters his life-cycle by just ‘doing’. By doing he connects with his 6_metal character and through life/career (water) he connects to his inner-self (4_wood). Springsteen starts his cycle in de middle: which stands for ‘Looking for who am I, what is my purpose in life?’ For him his music is a way to bring forth his 6_metal character. The water element (career, emotion, life-path) connects him to what he is doing: choosing to connect socially (4_wood). Springsteen is expressing himself, looking for who he is by being himself and giving back to the world:

If you don’t connect yourself… you feel like you are disappearing, like you’re fading away” – Bruce Springsteen

Both Springsteen and Stromae need the elements water, fire and earth to feel complete. Water is – amongst other things – emotion, flow, the past, trust, and career. They both are lucky to have a flowing career that helps them connect their metal to the wood elements. This is where their ideas start to grow.
They both need the fire element to transform their ideas into something real. While Stromae needs a stage, the lime-light, Springsteen needs to find the fire, the passion, the warmth inside himself. He needs to find his own roots, his own home (earth). Stromae on the other hand can find it outside himself: on stage is where his magic happens. The earth element: structure, stability and a home needs to come from outside as well, such as a steady relationship. Stromae is in touch with his own nature since he recognizes his need for peace and calm. In the interview at College Tour he acknowledges that the fame (fire-element) is extraordinary, too much. He needs time to be his normal self again.
Words that just keep repeating in the various documentaries for both Springsteen and Stromae:
being quiet and observant (metal element)
nobody wins unless everybody wins (wood element)
sense of community (wood element)
Both great musicians, with complete different music and audiences, live a fulfilled life by living according to their ‘elements’. I hope you enjoyed reading the comparison of these two, with exactly the same numbers in a different order.
So much more can be said doing a Nine Star Ki analysis, but I don’t feel it would be readable as a blog anymore. So enough for now, wondering what inspires me next 🙂
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With love
Wieke van Leeuwen
*Nine Star Ki is an ancient form of astrology I use in my Feng Shui consultations. If you like to know a bit more about it, please attend a workshop or book a private consultation.

The documentaries I was talking about:

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