Never buy a new house without a Feng Shui consult.

Buying our first family home, I didn’t know. We looked at three houses and the last one seemed nice. And that’s how we decided to buy it. We painted the place, we bought new furniture and we seemed to be happy.

Feng Shui buying house

Career, kid and a house

We both had good jobs and we had our first child when I started to notice: our house didn’t feel like home. Every time I was at home I felt tired and restless at the same time. I kept trying to change the ‘vibe’ by painting or buying a new carpet to try to brighten the space. But it didn’t help

So I wondered what was wrong. Because we had everything we wanted: a house, a career, a kid and enough time.

I realised I felt drained by the house. So I decided to learn more about energy and spaces, about living and Feng Shui. Long before I had bought a book about Feng Shui but I never read it. Now I did and I realised there is so much to learn about Feng Shui that I decided to become a Feng Shui practitioner!

A whole new paradigm opened up for me! I would NEVER buy a house again without a Feng Shui consultation.


That is what it is all about in Feng Shui: the floorplan. Where is your kitchen compared to the frontdoor? Where is your livingroom and what is the location of your toilet?: because it is all important.

A Feng Shui consultant can find paterns in your floorplan that predict how your will feel in your home. For example, in some houses it will be difficult to maintain a relationship. In other homes your health will be under stress.

So how could it be that I never knew this!?

Not perfect

Now what? Do I live in the perfect house? No. Perfect places don’t exist. Although…in all the years I have been working as a Feng Shui consultant I’ve seen 2 or 3 houses that seemed to be perfect.

But a house doesn’t need to be perfect to have good Feng Shui. Because you can restore the balans in your house with fairly easy Feng Shui solutions.

Every house is different, therefore Feng Shui solutions are different for every house. In some cases I will advise the owner to change the color of the walls. In other cases a plant is needed. In some houses we hang a crystal. In others they need to change the location of the masterbed.  

Feng Shui advice before you buy

Feng Shui buying

A Feng Shui advice before you buy your new home is fairly easy. You send the floorplan of the house you want to buy and the birthdates of the people who intent to live there.

I will do an analysis of the floorplan and tell you what kind of influence this particular house will have on your lives.

Mostly people ask me to look at 3 different properties for 295 euro’s . Sometimes after this advice people need suggestions for styling, if needed we can discuss what type of consultation fits your situation.

Curious if a Feng Shui consult can help you find your dreamhouse? Please call for more information: +31 – 657 025 144, or send me an e-mail.